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BioCosmetic «Биокосметик» дуги

BioCosmetic archwires – durable, perfect aesthetics.

BioCosmetic archwires are the first tooth-coloured archwires that remain constantly white and therefore enable long-term aesthetical treatment. They also provide maximum intraoral comfort for the patient, as the white coating covers superelastic NiTi archwires. These Archwires ensure gentle forces and quick treatment due to their extremely low force level.  

The time required for changing a BioCosmetic archwire is the same as that for uncoated ­archwires. Even the use of self-ligating ­brackets, which generally allow longer intervals for archwire changes, does not present a problem for BioCosmetic-archwires. Their tooth-coloured coating remains intact ­ensuring perfectly maintained aesthetics.

Regardless of whether the bracket slots are made of metal or ceramic, BioCosmetic archwires maintain their white coating without any problem for six to eight weeks.  In addition we recommend to use patient friendly brackets with rounded bracket and slot edges as for example the QuicKlear bracket by Forestadent. BioCosmetic archwires, however, should not be adapted or bent, as sharp objects may damage the white coating.

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